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Triceratops Skull - Dinosaur Fossil - Hell Creek Formation - Late Cretaceous - No Restoration

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Triceratops Skull Huge
Only one available; photos show exact specimen you will receive. Comes completely mounted like a museum specimen.
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Authentic DINOSAUR FOSSIL - Triceratops Skull (all original and professionally mounted) - Fossil personally discovered by us at

This skull is HUGE! even saying that I feel is an understatement.

Specimen is 100% Authentic and genuine; There is not even cosmetic restoration on it. All the pieces came out individually and in amazing condition. All that was done was Many, many hours of preparation cleaning the sediment off the bone.  Thousands of hours were poured into this specimen, and it is very rare to find this much of the skull intact.  This easily has over 80% of skull and has most major parts (all 3 frills, both brow horns, rostrum of one side)

It is missing the nose horn. It has not been discovered yet. Missing some minor portions of the skull, but please see the photos which show exactly what you are purchasing.

A Wonderful display specimen for Museums, Home, Corporation Lobbies / Office, Dental, Medical, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hotel Lobbies etc.

Great Quality specimen. Easily one of the largest Triceratops skulls ever discovered (if not the biggest, possibly record sized).  Brow horns measuring over 3 feet long.

Details of Specimen:

  • Hell Creek Formation, South Dakota
  • Late Cretaceous Period (65 Million Years Old)
  • Legally discovered and excavated on private land.
  • Features Teeth Bite marks on the squamosal frill, shown in photos.
  • No Restoration at all other than cleaning the sediment off of it. Crack fill to hair line cracks;  100% all natural specimen.
  • Professionally mounted; Not fused together with unnatural substances. This is an AUTHENTIC TRICERATOPS SKULL FOSSIL
  • Serious Buyers can arrange to see the specimen in person if wanted


  • The left horn is 32 inches long x 8.5 Inches wide - and up to 12 inches thick
  • The right horn section is 56 inches long (measured as entire piece. Actual horn is approximately 44 inches long.
  • Right Squamosal Frill is 45 Inches tall; 20 Inches in width (measured directly in the middle; obviously much wider if measured from tip) 
  • Parietal Frill is 50 Inches Wide x 44 Inches Tall; 25 inches wide measured at the bottom (see photos)
  • Right Face piece (the one with the right horn connected to it) is 25 Inches wide x 23 Inches
  • Left Squamosal Frill is 61 Inches tall x 26 Inches wide (measured as entire piece as shown in photos); Widest part of squamosal is 22 Inches
  • Jaw Piece is 17 Inches x 13 Inches
  • Rostrum is 19.5 inches long x 4.5 inches thick x 16 inches tall
  • Entire Skull is about 6 feet Wide
  • On the mount from the ground to top of skull; it measures 74 inches tall (6 Foot 2 inches)

Payment must be made in full before specimen is transferred.