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Raptor Metatarsal - Beautiful theropod meat eater specimen - Hell Creek Formation

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Only one available; Photos of actual specimen
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"Theropod Raptor Metatarsal" Complete on both ends. really beautiful and natural patina 

Specimen is a great addition to the collection. It's really a wonderful display piece. 

  • No Restoration at all; Underground find
  • A Wonderful display specimen for Museums, Home, Office, Dental, Medical, Schools, Colleges, Universities, etc. 
  • You won't be disappointed in this specimen.
  • I did not personally discover this specimen, but another fossil hunter of the late cretaceous discovered this fine beauty. 

Comes exactly as photos represent it and as description describes it. Specimen will be packaged with exceptional care.

  • Late Cretaceous Period (65 Million Years Old)
  • Hell Creek Formation; Powder River County, Montana, USA
  • Measurements of specimen: 2 inches long (straight across) x 7/8 inch wide x 5/8 inch thick 
  • Weight: 9.8 Grams
  • No restoration