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DINOSAUR FOSSIL RIB - Hadrosaur large raptor? - Hell Creek Formation Cretaceous

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Dinosaur Fossil Rib - Personally discovered by the team

Beautiful specimen in Excellent Condition with only natural hairline crack fill.

Not positive on the species but probably a Edmontosaurus or maybe a large raptor. 

It's a very thin rib, but nice length.

Details of Specimen:

  • Hell Creek Formation, South Dakota, USA
  • Late Cretaceous Period (65 Million Years Old)
  • Measurements:  21 inches long straight across x 3.5 inches wide; about 1 inch wide for the majority of it.
  • Weighs: 10.0 Ounces
  • Original Condition; Less than 1% Crack fill with original dirt matrix; Excellent specimen.